Most of our customers are foreigners, for this reason you will be able to read all the website info and the related links in English, at the end of every page you will find the translation in English, if you have any special request or you need any further information that is not in the website, we’ll be more than happy to assist you via email or you may contact our English speaking Agent Maria V. Moreno she is able to assist you in a fluent English she can also help you as a tourism guide or translator.
How to  make a reservation for an apartment:
Once you have taken the decition to stay in one of our aparments we ecommend to make the reservation as soon as possible so we can able to guarantee your stay.
Please confirm the availability with us before you make any deposit or money transfer.
Please request a pre-reservation via email or by phone, after that asure the reservation formal by a making deposit payment, if it is a bank deposit or a money transfer (Western Union or MoneyGram) please send the recipt by email as a proof of payment.
cash payments are directly with us.
Checks until exchange is effective
* credit card, money transfers or bank deposit expenses are assumed by the customer.
Reservations should be formalized within a specific period (arrival and departure dates)
The total monthly rental amount must be payd at the arrival.
The monthly rental amount does not include the deposit amount please read the description.
Contract extensions must be requested in advance depending on availability.
Please confirm the arrival 1 day prior reservation.
Cancelled reservations are refundable as long as cancelation is refundable in the following cases:
50%  of  the deposit amount only if  cancelation is done 2 weeks before  the estimated arrival date.
20% of the  deposit amount if cancelation is  done 1 heak before the estimated arrival date.
What is the guarantee Deposit?
We require a deposit to guarantee the correct and careful use of the apartment and its furniture and apliances, it is also to guarantee the apartment only for you.  it is 100% refundable in the departure date after checking everything is complete and  as long as the property is returned in the condition it was recived .
The deposit amount is 50% of the monthly rate. It should be paid by the  arrival date.

How do I Reserve the apartment I like ?
If you are currently in town and you wish to book an apartment, you can make an appointment with us, we will confirm you if it’s not occupied, that way it can be shown to you. If it fits your expectations, you must pay 50% of the deposit amount this way you can count on the apartment, and we can count on you as a guest. Please be sure of the dates you request, because we reserve the property based on that information, if you don’t arrive on the estimated date without making a cancelation in advance we cannot return the deposit amount because the property has been denied to other customers due to your reservation.

How can I extend my stay in the furnished apartment I have rented?

In the case you require a longer stay, it is necessary to verify the apartment availability for the extra period of time you need, if there is availability 50% must be paid in advance and it must be notified 10 days in advance. If there is no availability the contract will be ended by the stipulated date  the final decision is based on availability.
*We do not commit for any reason with any customer to do a contract renewal for extended stays if the property is not available or has been already booked for another customer we would not renew a contract under any circumstance or excuse if it is not possible for the above reasons. Keep in mind that you needed to reserve in advance for the same reason and you wouldn’t like somebody else to stay in the apartment during the period of time you need,  if you already have a reservation. We are very strict in that matter because we appreciate our customers and their time. We highly recommend planning your stay with plenty of time because our apartments are being constantly booked all year-round due to our convenient rates and location.

What should I know about the check-in process?
On the arrival day the procedure will be as follows:
*Customer´s ID copy
*payment of the full staying amount.
*payment of the remaining 50% of the deposit amount.
*keys will be delivered to the customer and the apartment inventory will be revised and signed.
*Apartment occupancy will be during 3:00 pm and 7:00 if the apartment is available before these hours occupancy will be possible at no extra charge.
*if you arrive after 7:00 pm thee will be an extra charge of $30.000 COP which correspond to transportation  and non-working hours extra expenses for the person in charge.
What should I know about the Checking-out process?
Departure is formalized as follows:
*Keys shall be delivered.
*Inventory check-up
*Deposit reimbursement will be held. (Excluding any property, furniture or appliances damages if any)
* Apartment check-out will be held during 7:00 am and 12:00 m, if the customer needs to check-out before these hours, there will be an extra charge of $30.000 COP which correspond to transportation  and non-working hours extra expenses for the person in charge.
If the customer needs to check-out after 12 m, it will be possible as long as there is no other customer waiting to check in.
*if the check-out takes place after 5:00 pm there will be an extra charge for 1 night stay.

Our apartment studios are strategically located near the main access roads from the city like carrera septima, avenida caracas and carrera 13, the apartments are also surrounded by the most traditional and classic neighborhoods like Palermo, la Javeriana, teusaquillo, la Soledad these neighborhoods are part of the main University District in Bogota that includes  the top Universities like Universidad javeriana, Universidad Santo Tomas, Universidad Catolica, Universidad Piloto, if you head north you are close to the finantial district in  The Avenida Chile and the entertaintmenarea like Zona rosa if you head to the downtown it´s  close as well that´s the advantage of beeing located in the heart of the city.
The goal for BOGOTA RENTALS is to provide a comfortable and affordable lodging service motivated by the recently created concept of fully furnished apartments that offer the privacy, comfort and security you expect for a pleasant stay, without having to pay the outrageous rates of hotels.
The majority of our guests are foreigners, that´s the reason why most of our apartments are located near the main universities in town, for that reason we also offer additional services like airport transportation, cleaning service and bicycle rental upon request.
We want our guests to get the feeling of being at home so we give a kind and personal bilingual service for a better communication and dealing.
We also have in our platform of services apartments for sale and conventional (not furnished) properties for rent located in strategic spots in Bogota and Cartagena.
Terms of lodging Agreement

We are a pet friendly zone! Pets are allowed and welcome, we are part of that small group of animal lovers who fight for animal rights, if your pet is part of your family, why not bring it with you? In case of any damaged caused for your lovely pet, it would be withdrawn from the
Deposit amount which could be a little higher than usual for this reason.

• The amount previously paid for lodging  or reservation guarantee deposit won{t be returned under any circumstance

• If the customer has to shorten their stay for any eventuality the remaining balance payment won’t be returned.

• We only take reservations for a minimum of 3 nights.

• The persons previously mentioned when the reservation is made cannot be exceeded otherwise a penalty equivalent to the deposit amount will be charged


Dislodgement causes with no reimbursement right of any kind:

• Not checking-out for any travel reason or not showing up on the accorded departure day without previously having a representative to take care of the checkout process.

• We don’t accept excuses of any kind on the check-out day if you cannot show up you must have a representative otherwise we will leave your luggage in the building lobby and we won’t be responsible of it.

• Claims or complaints from the building administration or apartment neighbors for improper behavior, prostitution as a established business or any other illicit trades inside the property.

• Any suspicious movement that involves illicit trades like drug dealing, prostitution as a business etc, or as an intermediary in this matters.

• When more than the authorized persons stay in the apartment. The exact number of persons must be notified when the reservation is made this with the purpose of notifying the building administration all the guests Valid IDs must be submitted, this will be investigated by authorities in The given case of other guests being allowed to stay an extra fee will be charged that will be agreed between the 2 parts. Keep in mind that at the moment the reservation sheet and lodging agreement is signed, you commit and accept all the stipulated facts and conditions described in it. We would like to state that the accommodation in our apartments is short-term that is why we do a hotel style management.

• The customer is not allowed to sublet the property unless he submit a previous authorization request to the person in charge. In case of, The landlord may terminate the contract anytime and request the tenant to leave the apartment immediately if non-fulfillment of this rule takes place. The tenant accepts any property assignment, but it won’t be effective until it has been notified to the the tenant we won’t allow sublet to any relatives or friends without previous authorization followed by extra expenses (assumed by the tenant) that this situation might carry. We do not accept any type of excuses.